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Real Estate Agent in Corvallis, Albany | Oregon

I am one of the most skilled and experienced Corvallis Albany Oregon Real Estate Agent

I am a full service Corvallis Albany Oregon Real Estate Agent offering my expertise to meet your property buying and selling needs. I promise you that my commitment to excellence is unrivaled in the city.

Buying process:

My goal is to find you a home that you love and one that is a fabulous investment for your future. I understand that buying a new home is probably one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime. Therefore, I schedule an overview meeting to help you understand how the buying process works and what you should expect. This way, you are better prepared for the entire process.

I listen to you and understand your needs and requirements for your home. I discuss everything with you from amenities, neighbourhood and the preferred house style. Later on, I process all the information and create a curated list of properties for you to view and rate.

Once you find the perfect home, I try my best to make the transaction and all the information as transparent and streamlined as possible. I make sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order and ready to be transferred. My utmost aim is to make the entire process as comfortable for you as possible.

Selling process:

On the other hand, if you are selling your property, then my aim is to obtain the highest effective value while bringing the best potential buyers to you. I list your property to attract the right buyers for your house. I sit with you and determine the best value for your property. I believe that if I start off at the right price, then we would be able to attract a pool of motivated and qualified buyers to see your home.

Although there are many agents who overprice your home in effort to make the maximum profit but this tactic fails quickly. I determine the price range of your area and help you strategize where to spend your time and money.

Reaching out to potential clients and negotiating the price deals is my specialty. I know that selling your home can be quite overwhelming and therefore, I stay by your side through all the showings, negotiations, paperwork and final closing of the deal.

Contact me:

If you have any queries or want our help, feel free to Call us at (541) 740-9497.

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